How to Make the Most of a Free Consultation

If you are reading this you are likely a friend or family member of someone who has been recently arrested, and they asked for your help in finding an attorney.  

You've probably never had to interact with a criminal defense attorney before, so here are some things that you can make sure to have with you when you do talk to attorneys so that way you can make the most out of your consultation.

1) The booking number of your loved one.  Having this on hand will make identification and location of your loved one easier for you and the attorney in the future if there are questions about where they are being held, when and where to post the bond, and whether your loved one needs to be ordered to a new location while in custody.

2) Any police reports, booing sheets or other papers you received when your loved one was arrested.  this list sometimes doesn't contain much, but each piece of paper you or your loved one receive as a result of their arrest can be very informative for the attorney you speak with.

3) If the case of your loved one is already ongoing, bring a copy of the minute order and the case number with you.  The minute orders are public records that can be procured from the courthouse for a minimal charge.  If you can['t make otto the courthouse, make sure that you know the case number of your client if they have already been arraigned.

Just having these simple things with you when you interview potential attorneys to hire can be very helpful and save everyone a lot of time.